Horse Racing Betting Terminology: Listed Race and Steeplechase

Listed Race

Sublist race means race in which horses to their classification or even run their handicap. It should be important to know that the horses are divided into three groups in terms of performance, with the fastest horses in the Group I again.

The list of races are under that order. One can hold so that they reflect in some way a group IV. The technical term for these forms of racing as well as other race group, under the name of Black Type races known. Through the explanation of this name-origin can be of special importance to the listed race explain better.

Black type indicates the fat and black print. By winning, Black Type races can entries on key breeding lists, rankings and auction catalogues. These, bold ‘references increase the value of a breeding horse tremendously. Therefore, these races are particularly important mainly for breeders.

It is therefore a race breeding a certain kind, which are mainly relevant for new appointments in advance of a special season.


Point-to-point call a rather exotic form of horseracing, which is less well known outside of Europe. Therefore, the point-to-point delight in our continent, and especially in France and Switzerland, a tremendously high popularity. Many see this as a kind of archetype of equestrian sport. The steeplechase is, as the name suggests, across a field. Fields and graves, trees and hedges, are the natural barriers that have to cross the participants by and. usually the race will therefore take place away from the stadium, but this does not mean that the horse friend from the action is excluded.

The opposite is the case. Each organizer is itself creative and comes up with his own solution to ensure each watching. Also makes a point-to-point to a real experience.

Steeple Chase is always 3.0 to 7.2 kilometres long and win not only because the participating horses from some. In addition, the horses have a tremendous manoeuvrability, as the course partially a 90-degree angle, and runs are not always visible from a distance. In addition, tree trunks and bushes are also skipped, as streams and natural, possibly unplanned obstacles.

In the vernacular, the Steeple Chase will also like race called the church. This is due to its original form, which at the same time it is very long history to prove. Previously hunting races were in fact often carried out from village to village.

Especially in England and Wales, that was the case until the last century. Starting then, the church of one of the village was the target of another church.