Royal Ascot tips and betting – day 1

2.30pm race 1: Queen Anne Stakes

Hugh’s verdict: Well, Mull of Killough is ouy for me, as it reminds of the ghastly Paul McCartney song Mull of Kintyre, which is now buzzing around my head.

Tullius sounds like the name of a Greek god, so I’m going for him

Tom’s verdict: I’d back Anodin this morning, largely due to the horse sounding like a brand of headache pill and I could do with one or two this morning.

(Professional) Racing Post verdict: Toronado

3.05pm race 2: Coventry Stakes

Hugh’s verdict: The Wow Signal sounds like a dodgy 80s band, so it’s that one for me.

I’m not going to make any childish jokes about Cock of the North, oh no.

Tom’s verdict: Putting my serious hat on for a moment, I’ll back Kool Kompany in this race. I know Richard Hannon is a decent trainer and Richard Hughes a good jockey. Equally, the use of a ‘k’ for Kool will irritate the spelling pedants in the office.

(Professional) Racing Post verdict: Capella Sansevero

3.45pm race 3: King’s Stand Stakes

Hugh’s verdict: Rex Imperator sounds like a dinosaur fighting hero, combining that with a natty red outfit and Frankie Dettori, that’s enough for me.

Tom’s verdict: Steps for me in this one. Excellent noughties pop band, and H has had a tough year.

(Professional) Racing Post verdict: Steps

4.25pm race 4: St James’s Palace Stakes

Hugh’s verdict: Night of Thunder sounds like it’s been named after an Iron Maiden song, so gets my vote.

Tom’s verdict: This one is a two horse race (not literally, there are 7) between Night of Thunder and Kingman. Night of Thunder for me even though it is almost a Tom Cruise movie. (good to see great minds think alike)

(Professional) Racing Post verdict: Kingman

5.00pm race 5: Ascot Stakes

Hugh’s verdict: How can you not go for a horse called Domination?

Tom’s verdict: Twenty horses in this race. Still making a selection was easy, my hometown of Bracknell has a water fountain, there is a horse called Waterclock . Done.

(Professional) Racing Post verdict: Brockwell

5.35pm race 6: Windsor Castle Stakes

Hugh’s verdict: The Irish Horse Majestic Hero has a marvellously monicker, but I’m going for Flyball, as it sounds, er, fun.

Tom’s verdict: In tribute to Germany’s wonderful 4-0 win over Portugal last night, I’ll be backing Goring in this one. Hopefully more Thomas Muller than Per Mertersacker.